Patrizia Montanari was born in a small town just outside of Milan, Italy. Growing up she was surrounded by the love of a large extended family. Uncles, Aunties and Cousins whose lives all entwined daily. She has blissful memories of spending long, hot Summers altogether in the south of Italy surrounded by art and beautiful food. 

In 2002 she began to travel and experience a world outside of Italy, living and working in a number of places including New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas until early this year when she finally made Portland, Oregon her home along with her husband Mark and two young children, Lucy and Johnny. 

Patrizia has experienced and created art all of her life. In the last few years her love for portrait and figure painting naturally evolved into a love for photography. Taking photographs quickly became an obsession and a new way to express her creative side. 

Portraits are her passion and people are her biggest inspiration. Patrizia’s own need for learning has now morphed very naturally into her new interest in teaching and passing her knowledge on to others.

Patrizia teaches photography workshops at Dallas Center for Photography and at Studio Northwest in Portland and she is also available for Individual tutoring.

She hasn’t abandoned her passion for travel, and she loves to showcase her adventures on Instagram, mostly with the help of her family and her inseparable Fujifilm X100T, the perfect travel companion. @patriziamontanari


Art is my passione and people are my strongest inspiration.
— Patrizia Montanari